Sunday, June 10, 2012

Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM)

I’ve been trying to write this blog for a year. Last year I was diagnosed with Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM).   It is a somewhat rare affliction.   According to some experts, IBM affects about 15 people in 100,000. It is apparently both an inflammatory and a degenerative muscle disease.  The cause is unknown and there is no cure.  Falling down is what we do.

I continue to garden with help.  I continually search for tools to make gardening possible for me. 

There is so much more to explore in the world of gardening.  As I reinvent myself, I plan to post highlights and lowlights of my gardening world.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Pictures from Hortulus Farm, Garden and Nursery  a non-profit foundation in Wrightstown, Pa. Bucks County. The reasonably priced plant sales’ profits go towards preserving the beautiful grounds and gardens.  It was definitely worth the trip.


Tracy Brant said...

Oh, dear blog friend, I am so sorry to hear the news of your diagnosis. It must so frustrate your gardening urges. But, you are right - there is a lot to explore in the world. Now you have a new perspective. Look what Roger Ebert has done, now that talking is no longer his trade. He's built one of the top blogs in the world. I look forward to reading your reinvention.

I haven't done a good job of keeping up with my blog reading lately, let alone writing. I moved into my childhood home and have been renovating my mother's terribly overgrown yard full of perennials and invasives. But I will keep a close eye on your blog from now on.

And thanks for the link to Hortulus Farm. I see a daytrip in my future.

--Tracy in Reading PA

Marie said...

Thank you, Tracy, for the well wishes and encouragement. I appreciate it very much.

Good luck with the garden renovation. I'm sure it will be great when done!

Mary Junriza Cimeni said...

Hi there,

This is such an awesome blog. :) I love the views of the gardens, they make me feel serene and comforted. You are right. There is a lot of things to explore in this world and I am very glad you do such blog to let people see the things you have explored.

Keep it up. Do not falter though. a lot of people are suffering from myositis, most of them are postive in life like you. You may want to connect with them at It is only one of the 30+ support communities of rare disease powered by you need help, information, and support regarding myositis, please feel free to drop by the site. :)


Marie said...

Thank you Mary. I am so glad you enjoy the blog. I appreciate the link to the myositis support org. I've only given it a short look but I know it will be very helpful.

Shyra @ Outdoor Sheds said...

I am sorry about your diagnosis. I haven't heard of IBM before. I will surely pray for your health.

Marie said...

Thank you Shyra.
I sincerely appreciate your concern and prayers.

Glycine blanche said...

Très bel endroit. Merci pour la visite. Bonne journée.

Marie said...

Glycine, Merci bonne journée à vous.

A1 Chandigarh said...

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donna said...

Hi Marie. I've been away from blogging for so long, but came here this morning to see what was new with you. So very sorry about your diagnosis, but not surprised at your good attitude. You have always been one of my favorite bloggers, one of my favorite people. I'll come back to check up on you. Hugs from me in WI to you in PA.

Marie said...

Thanks Donna,
It was good to hear from you. I've missed you. I don't do much gardening these days but I do enjoy the old standards that seem to grow and flourish without any care. I take a walk around the garden, pushing the walker, every week.

The garden still gives me pleasure even I can't fo the gardening.