Sunday, October 08, 2006

Intense Colors of Late Summer. As I begin to put the garden to bed in early fall by pulling up some spent annuals, taking cuttings, bringing plants in and emptying pots, I can't help but notice the brilliant colors of the flowers in bloom. The cool nights, sunny days & adequate rainfall seem to bring out deep colors. The marigolds, impatiens and clome as well as the mums and asters seem to glow.

October is almost as busy as May - trimming, rooting cuttings, potting, storing, organizing, mulching - even some weeding and watering. I try to do a little each day (some days it's VERY little). I have never had luck dividing plants in fall so I'll wait until spring to divide the liriope, daylillies and a few others. Eventually, I will have to spend an entire day in the garden as the changing weather gets ahead of me.

Then there are the Fall distractions. The Celtic Classic in Bethlehem was a blast - music and food everwhere. The athletic competitions were amazing especially the popular Caber Toss. The weekend weather was perfect for an outdoor party. Then there is a Breast Cancer walk, farm tours and wine tasting on Main Street. I'll have to keep moving.

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