Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cuttings. The cuttings are growing nicely and present a pretty winter windowsill in February. I have about 20 to 30 plants in various windows in the house. I'll start taking cuttings from the cuttings soon and should have a good crop to set out in May. I put them in a sheltered spot on the deck around the beginning of May to harden off. Then they should be ready for garden or pot by the time the danger of frost is over - about May 15 in zone 6.

The impatiens cuttings have not fared so well. I have one left - and it doesn't look happy. Ah, well, that will mean a trip to Hickory Grove for new plants (definitely not a hardship!) Hickory Grove, in Catasaqua, PA, has great plants and I usually come away with more than I planned.

I will also need some Dusty Miller. As annuals, these pretty gray plants usually survive the winter in my garden. But, I know I will need to replace a few that don't. And, a I'll need a few petunias and marigolds and maybe a new rose. See - that's how it goes.

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