Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Enjoying the Garden

The last few weeks of August, I’ve noticed I can’t get enough of looking at the garden. There’s not a lot of work to do. Oh, there’s some watering and dead heading and a few weeds to pull. It’s hot. There has been some rain. I’m enjoying wandering through the garden in the morning with a cup of coffee and looking at the plants in bloom.

The soothing trickle of water in the oriental garden, ornamental grasses waving in whatever light breeze blows through, the bright heads of the cleome flowers, colorful coleus grown to bushes, annual zinnia six feet tall, ripe tomatoes on the vine, aroma of sweet alyssum along the paths – fruits of the labor of spring and summer.

It’s a time for reflection and enjoyment – watching the butterfly and goldfinch visits. It’s a peaceful time in the garden.

As September starts, it’s time to think about next year’s garden. The dry shade under the lilac needs a new plan. Overgrown perennials need to be divided. The clean-up will begin soon. Leaves will need raking. The mulch bin will be filled. Hopefully, I’ll have time to do some garden tours.

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