Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fish Boxes

I picked up three fish boxes from a local seafood store. Thanks for the tip on fish boxes Matriarchy. You can’t beat the price – free.

They are about the size of a small window box (24”L x 9”W x 5”D). I will need to punch holes in the bottom for drainage.

The boxes came with lids. I’ll have to figure out how to recycle the lids. They could be used as trays for potted plants.

I’ll reuse the soil from last year’s pots. I don’t know if that’s the best thing to do but it certainly is the cheapest. I may mix in some new potting soil and vermiculite. I’ll fertilize with fish emulsion.

I have all winter to select some plants for the boxes. I may plant some lettuce or herbs. Or, I may fill them with marigolds for a nice edge to the sunny patio. Or I may start with lettuce/herbs and change to marigolds later in the summer. Or, I may try something else entirely. What would you do with free planters?

NOTE: The annual Lehigh Valley Flower and Garden Show at Allentown Fairgrounds Agriplex has been canceled for economic reasons as well as decreasing attendance. The show was originally scheduled for March 6-8, 2009. After 36 years, spring won’t be the same without it.
(LV Flower Show posts March 3, 2007 and March 7 2008.)



Matriarchy said...

Oh no! This would have been a great time for them to attract the new round of gardeners that want to grow their own organic veggies and herbs. The veggie gardening biz is booming. Maybe the show will come back, re-incarnated for food gardening or community gardeners.

Congrats on finding fish boxes. I just love them for greens, and I hope you enjoy them, too.

Marie said...

Thanks for the comment, Matriarchy. And the fish box idea!

I'm still bummed about the show. It does seem like a perfect time for a garden show.

Emily said...

Can I ask, where do you find vermiculite? I'm in Easton and having trouble finding it. Thanks!

Marie said...

Hi Emily,

This year I used perlite. I use either perlite or vermiculite - whatever I find first. I found the perlite at Lowe's. Sorry, I didn't look for vermiculite so I can't help.