Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden Vegetables

(Yellow Bush Scallop squash, Beefsteak tomato, Kentucky Wonder pole beans and Cherokee Wax beans)

I came back from vacation to find the vegetables thriving without me.

The Kentucky Wonder Pole and Cherokee Wax plants dripped with beans. Most of the beans were huge, 7 to 8 inches. When I can see a distinct shape of the seeds inside the bean, I know they’re too tough for me to eat. I’ll compost the extra large and cook the small and medium beans.


The scallop squash has overpowered the peppers. There are a few small peppers on the plants. I’ve cut some leaves off the squash to give the peppers more room and light. I may have to pull a few squash plants. I hope the squash is as tasty as it is pretty.


The beefsteak tomato turned into a monster bush. A few branches broke from the weight. I pruned some small branches and leaves. The first small ripe tomatoes were delicious straight from the garden.

I’ll try to catch up this week with deadheading and weeding. It was nice to be away but it’s also good to be back in the garden.

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