Saturday, August 22, 2009


Confession of my dirty little secret:

The herbs in my garden are ornamental. I don’t use herbs for cooking, crafts or for medicinal purposes. For me, cooking and crafts rate just above dusting on my "what-I-like-to-do scale". I use other substances for medicinal purposes.

That said, I decided to plant herb seeds in fish boxes just to see what I could grow. On May 5, I planted basil and oregano in one box, parsley and lettuce in the other two.

The lettuce was pretty but it never grew to a size that I considered large enough to eat before going to seed.

The parsley was growing nicely until the rabbits mowed it down. This box has a sprig of lobelia growing at the end. The lobelia seeds must have been in the soil from another year.

The basil and oregano did well in the fish boxes with pretty shades of green.


I couldn’t resist free plants from a friend. Lovage, basil pistou, Christmas basil, lime basil, Plow Church Cemetery basil, Spice Island rosemary, summer savory and Mexican mint marigold were planted in a circle on June 24. They’ve grown large and should have had more space.
The scents are refreshing. I love to run my hand over the plants to release the aroma or pick a twig to carry as I walk around the garden.

One thing I’ve learned from my little herb experiment – herbs are easy to grow. And, if you like to cook, they can be an easy to grow way to fresh flavor.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

I love gardening with herbs. So many like the Mexican Marigold have beautiful blooms...but I love herbs because they require so little water or care--that ranks right up there with not dusting for me! ;-)

Marie said...

I agree. BTW have you ever met anyone who LIKES dusting? I think we are among the majority.

María Cecilia said...

Marie, thank you very much for leaving a comment in my blog. I´m so happy to have found your blog and some others related to gardening, I´ll learn so much from you and be inspired to keep working in my garden as well.
(please excuse my english)
I´ll keep comming back to see what your effort and love has come with.
María Cecilia

Marie said...

Maria Cecilia,

Do not worry about your English. Your English is MUCH better than my Spanish.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...
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