Saturday, November 28, 2009

Confederate Jasmine Vine

(Trachelospermum spp.)

I won this huge jasmine in a raffle. I hope it doesn’t become the subject of a Garden Bloggers Death Day post someday. It is a (very large) house plant in my zone 6.

There are 86 questions and answers on the Gardeners Supply Plant Care forum. Almost too much information.

I’ve never grown a jasmine and I don’t know anyone who has. I’m trying to get it to live and bloom – enticed by stories of heavenly fragrance. I’ve only had it for two weeks. So far, so good.

If staring at the plant is any help, mine should do just fine.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

How lovely, Marie. I hope you are able to keep it alive this winter. I had one in Houston...but of course, it was outside. I would think if you can get a pot big enough, it should do fine. I hope it blooms for you--the fragrance is very nice.

Marie said...

Thanks MG,
I'm looking forward to the fragrance. I'm not sure when to expect blooms. I plan to put it on the deck next summer but I have no idea what wintering in the house will do to it's bloom time-clock - assuming I get that far.

donna said...

Marie, I'll keep coming back to this post so I can help you stare at it. Very funny. However did you get it home? It's so beautiful now and has the potential to deliver the wow factor. May it never, ever be featured on Garden Bloggers' Death Day!

Marie said...

Thanks Donna,
I brought the plant home on the floor and leaning against the front passenger seat in my car. I was very excited to win the plant and then instantly had a "now what" moment. The look on my husband's face as I pulled into the driveway was priceless.

maría cecilia said...

Hi Marie, I see your jasmine but can´t figure out what kind is it. I have Jazmine Poliantus which is very easy to grow, Gardenia, which is a variety of jazmin, it died, too cold outside, and three other kind of jazmines which do pretty good, but now don´t remember the names.
Hope yours does grow healthy.
María Cecilia

Marie said...

Maria Cecilia,
I read that Trachelospermum spp. is not a true jasmine. Thanks for your well wishes.