Saturday, October 09, 2010

More Secret Gardens

Historic Bethlehem Partnership Secret Garden Tour

I’ve watched this Center Street property transform over the last 9 years from an over-grown assisted living home to the elegant and formal residence. As it stands today, I find it hard to remember its nondescript appearance 10 years ago.

The antique fence with posts found in New Orleans replaced a privet hedge.

A front yard urn stands as a formal welcome.

A tiered fountain is surrounded by colorful caladium.

A young winterberry adds its color to the many hydrangeas, azaleas, mums and annuals that fill the yard. It is an elegant transformation.

Another recently redone home and garden on the busy corner of Center and Church Streets was originally built in 1890 and has been lovingly restored in the last 5 years.

From the front gate…

through the side yard…

down the shady garden path at the edge of the property…

to the formal fountain in the center of the large yard - this garden is perfection.

There is a lot to see in this Church Street home. At least 28 hydrangeas nestle with grasses, shrubs and evergreens. In the garden’s evolution since 2004, perennials, shrubs and trees were artfully placed to combine with original plantings. The garden looks mature.

A straw horse in the front yard sets the tone for a garden with a bit of whimsy.

The shady side entry with hosta and a large pot of passion flower at the back door make a soft and welcoming entrance to the garden.

Originally planned as a chicken coop, the garden shed is made of recycled material. The metal dog at the right totes a basket of eggs.

A small bubbling pond adds the sound of water to this exciting garden.

All the gardens hidden behind the charming homes in downtown Bethlehem presented an individual beauty. My personal thanks goes out to the homeowners for sharing that beauty. What a wonderful way to spend a fall day!

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