Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who is eating my Hosta?

Where once there were green and white leaves now there are none.
No foot prints. No droppings. No evidence. Just ripped off leaves. I suspect the local deer population.
A deer ran into my car several blocks away from home. A buck was hit by car in downtown Bethlehem and had to be put down.

Be careful out there. The deer are in love and on the move.
A list of deer resistant plants from Cornell University.


donna said...

They nibbled on many of my plants during the summer and left both foot prints and droppings.

Dangerous time of year to be driving the country roads and now it's gotten to be also true of city driving. The deer are everywhere. Sorry about your car:(


Marie said...

Thanks Donna,
Little car is all fixed $4,000 later.

My husband came upon a bear and her cubs on the cart path on the golf course the other day. The animals are really becoming a problem as we continue to pave over paradise.