Saturday, November 26, 2011

FREE Fertilizer

PSU Fact Sheet “Home Compost: a Guide for Home Gardenerscontains information on making compost.
Over the last 20 years I’ve put compost on the garden almost every year. The garden’s soil is rich and black. I rarely use other fertilizers. You can buy a bin or simply make a pile (heap composting). I used the heap method for many years. Plans for “ConstructingCompost Bins” from PSU Center County Extension.
I simplify the recipe: Three parts brown (leaves) to one part green (garden cuttings. weeds, vegetable scraps). Water if it looks dry, Mix it once in a while to aerate. If I don’t get the ratio exactly right, It’ll turn into compost anyway.

I try to avoid adding weeds that have gone to seed. My pile may not get hot enough to destroy the weed seeds. I also don’t use anything twiggy or woody because it takes too long to break down. Newspaper counts as brown, if I run out of leaves. Coffee grounds count as green. (We drink a lot of coffee.)

You can spend time making compost or spend money on fertilizer. I choose to make compost.


Vi said...

That's just what I used to do too---back in my other life. You can
just tell by the color and texture
that it must be nutritious, right?

Marie said...

Yes it is beautiful, black organic stuff that makes the plants very happy.

donna said...

Well, I drink a lot of coffee so maybe there's hope for me in the compost department.

Composting would make my plants so happy.


Marie said...

Hi Donna,
It's a great way to put the coffee grounds to use. I've also used the grounds around rhododendrons. They seemed to like it. Well, at least it did no harm.

Thangaraj said...

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