Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I went away for a week and a day

for a little rest and a little play.

Trimmed some hosta and several astilbe.

A gardener is a gardener and always will be.


garden sheds in Hamilton said...

I can't help but smile in your post. I certainly feel the same. Indeed a gardener will always be a gardener. I remember, when I went for a vacation, I always end up in garden stores and shopping for my garden.

A1 Chandigarh said...

I love buying my mom plants — not flowers — as gifts. She has a gardenia that I’d given her 8 years ago. It’s now a huge, fragrant bush outside her kitchen door. When it’s in bloom, it fills her house with their fragrance. Every year I add to her little garden by sending her another plant via a florist. She’s got quite a nicely surrounded patio now! Delhi Flowers

donna said...

I'm forever checking other people's plants. Do they need water, deadheading, fertilizing? Nice that you had a vacation for a week and a day!

Marie said...

Donna, it was a very relaxing vacation but I couldn't resist the temptation to get my hands dirty :-)

Unknown said...
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