Saturday, January 19, 2013



This is first time I’ve had 12 blooms at the same time. There are three flower stalks with 4 flowers each from 2 bulbs. Quite a spectacular display.

The blooms are also earlier this year than usual. I brought the bulbs in from outside the same time as usual – the end of August. But they were put in a cool room in front of a window instead of under a table. They were completely ignored until after Thanksgiving, as uaual, when they were watered and brought down to a warm room in front of a bright window. The old foliage was cut off and in a few days a shoot appeared. Other years they were left under the table and brought out after a shoot appeared. The little changes made a big difference.

The blooms will last about two weeks.  



donna said...

Oh, no. I gave up on my Amarylis too soon and threw it away. Brought it in from outside and did the same as you, but when the foliage looked bad, I tossed it. My first experience bringing it in after the summer.

All those flowers you have are amazing and the photo is great.

Marie said...

Hi Donna,
I've had this amaryllis for about 10 years. I cut the flower stalk off after it's done blooming and put the pot on the deck all summer. It is fed and watered like any house plant. Then brought in and left to dry up until after Thanksgiving. Most years it blooms in February.

Baby bulbs eventually appear and I've separated them and given away quite a few.

I hope you try again.

donna said...

I feel so bad that I threw it out.

Bought some flower seeds yesterday at Home Depot. I'm desperate to plant something and see it sprout.

Unknown said...

I do believe this is one of the most beautiful flowers. I bought one for my wife at Lowes but it didn't make it. :( Will need to try again. Thanks for the great blog. ~ Charlie McKelvey, Bethlehem PA

Marie said...

Thank you Charlie,
The beautiful amaryllis flower is definitely worth trying again. Good luck.