Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creeping Sedum

There is always a lot of interest in my August 7, 2010 post (with the June 2007 picture) about creeping sedum (Sedum acre) at its best.

In the efforts of full disclosure, I thought a picture the sedum at its worst (above) was appropriate.

The weather here shifts from cool and wet to hot and dry. I’m not sure how much that affects the sedum. I haven’t had time to hoe out the excess so the sedum has been walked on for weeks. Some has gotten leggy and flopped over. Some has been squished from being stepped on.

I’ll try to get it cleaned up this week but I am so far behind this year that any thought of catching up is laughable. I’m sure it will recover and I’m not about to give up on this ground cover.


KCrutchfield said...

I grew up with sedum in Seattle. My father used to set our lawn mower to it's highest level and just mow it every now and again just like the grass. It seemed to take it ok.

Marie said...

Sounds like a great idea! Thanks.