Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Tea Cup Garden planter bed.

I visited Chanticleer in Wayne, Pa for the first time in May.

I can truthfully say I have never seen a more beautiful garden.  The use of color and texture is breathtaking.  In the large gardens, there is a subtle beauty with repeating colors drawing your eye along.  The smaller beds contain more than a few surprises. The gardens flow from area to area. 

I took a few pictures but there is no way I could capture the creative artistry that is Chanticleer.  I hope to go back soon to take in more of the design artistry.

Tea Cup Courtyard Garden

Weigela drapes across a stone stair wall

Established plantings of deutzia cascade on the edges of the Tennis Garden  

Pool Garden

Great lawn surrounded by mature trees, shrubs and perennials

Chanticleer house terrace

Read all about Chanticleer including history, plant lists and what’s blooming now here.