Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pink & Yellow. I'm happy with my fallen pot (an old milk can) this year - pink petunias & yellow marigolds. I got the idea for the color combination from my daughter.

One of my soaker hoses sprung a leak today and shot water ten feet in the air. I'll have to replace it as soon as I can because it's in a narrow garden on the long, blank side in full sun. The garden contains canna and yellow cone flowers. Since it is under the eaves it doesn't get much water even when it rains.

I fed the roses for the final time this year. After the spring blush, the bushes & climbers didn't put on much of a show this summer. Europena Everblooming Floribunda, Madame Isaac Pereire, Rose Eden (climber), Peace, Don Juan (climber) and a few others just seemed to inch along. I'll have to pay more attention next year.

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