Wednesday, July 18, 2007

English Garden

I’ve always admired the look of an English garden. My attempt at an English garden contains perennials and re-seeding annuals. The garden, pictured above, contains: snapdragon, snow-on-the-mountain, a tall ornamental grass, yellow/orange cosmos, coleus, cleome, a red rambling rose, pussy willow, mum ‘clara curtis’, annual forget-me-not, sweet alyssum. Coreopsis ‘moonbeam’, purple cone flower and a purple liatris are not shown in this picture.

My aim is to have something blooming all summer – from daffodils to mums. The garden is different from year to year and I think that’s part of the charm. Although there are many interpretations of an English Garden, this is my version this year.

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MeMeMe said...

Hello, I also have clara curtis. Indoors i just started coreopsis.. I do want to ask you what your self seeding annuals are. What does that mean exactly?

thank you