Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The hydrangeas are in bloom. These great showy bushes are a delight - little care and great blooms. The bones in the garden.

Hydrangea ‘Venice’ is a small, about 2 1/2’, plant with large blooms that is tucked away in part shade in my garden. It was a gift in 2004 and has bloomed every year.

The lace cap hydrangea was also a gift and planted in 1994. This plant is taller at about 4’ and also blooms reliably every year. The blooms form on the previous year’s growth.
This plant is nestled next to a tall spruce which shelters it from some of the late spring frost that burns new growth.

Neither plant blooms blue due to lack of an acid soil, but the flowers are great no matter what the color. I fertilize with Holly Tone once a year. I cut off dead branches and flowers as they fade and I trim it back if it gets out of bounds. The smaller ‘Venice’ has needed no trimming so far. Neither bush is bothered by any pests.

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