Saturday, January 23, 2010

Philodendron or Pothos

Pothos is the one with variegated leaves. But no one I know calls it Pothos. And the care is the same no matter what you call them.

Philodendrons and pothos are great houseplants. They tolerate low light, uneven watering and neglect. I have a great example of a neglected and out-of-control Pothos.

I picked off the yellow and dead leaves and untangled the stems. When I stretched it out, it reached about 8 feet long.

I took a cutting from one of the tips, removed the lower leaves and put it in a vase to root. I’ve done it before and the cuttings rooted easily from the node or base.

I also put a bit of stem with a few lumpy nodes in the soil. The stem should root at the nodes. I anchored the stem with a paper clip opened to a V pushed into the soil. I’ll add a little potting soil. I hope a new plant will arise.


maría cecilia said...

Marie, you have a very long and beautiful philodendron!!! I used to have those, and very long too, but the heating in winter dried them and damaged then to death...
Maria Cecilia

donna said...

Marie, the photo of your very long, trailing Pothos made me laugh out loud. I haven't had one for years and think it's time to try another one.


Marie said...

Maria Cecelia,
The winter heat is hard on house plants in my home too. I have a few large windows in cooler rooms The house plants do best there.

Marie said...

I was shocked as I unraveled the pothos. I had to take a picture of its length. Glad you enjoyed it. LOL

Kathy said...

I do belief it is the Marble Queen variety of a pothos. Not sure exactly...

Marie said...

Thanks Kathy.
I have no idea what it is since in came in a mixed live arrangement. Its good to have a name for it.