Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

10 AM

Two feet of snow fell on Wednesday. It came down fast.
For a day, the world was quiet – covered in downy whiteness.

2 PM

4 PM

10 AM

2 pm

4 PM

A bright Thursday dawned to nature’s whimsy. Garland on the deck rail and -

Upholstered furniture on the patio.



Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Oh Marie! How beautiful. I am sure you are thinking, "Yuk! Not again!" But living in an area that doesn't usually get snow, it looks beautiful and reminds me of growing up in northern Illinois. I can still remember how quiet everything became under a blanket of snow.

Marie said...

It was a beautiful snow and the quiet was awesome. - that is until the snow blowers started and the shoveling began. LOL Three to six inches forecast for tonight.

donna said...

I'm always struck by how quiet it is after a snowfall. I have been thinking of you and all the snow you've been getting. We've actually had below normal snowfall, thus far. Your photos are amazing.


Marie said...

Thanks Donna,
The snow was a great prelude to the winter olynpics - although I'm not a big fan of FREEZING!