Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Another old plant with a brief bloom time is this iris. It was a pass along plant from a generous neighbor about 20 years ago. The bright yellow blooms light up a couple weeks of May. The large, heavy flowers tend to flop and the rain knocks them every which way.

The plants have spread over the years. They have never been divided. In October, I’ll cut them back to 6 inches.

The green foliage is a stately backdrop all summer.

Planted in full sun and on a very slight slope, the conditions are ideal for growth with adequate drainage. They are drought tolerant after established. I have never had problem with leaf spots or borers.
It is an easy plant. Sometimes I think about dividing them. Then I come to my senses and leave them alone. Doug Green in his “
Gardening Tips” says, “You can't kill an iris by digging and dividing it.”

I may do something in fall before they take over the world.


Lively Garden Supplies said...

What does it mean to "cut back", like when you say you will cut back your iris 6"?

I have been playing more with flowers lately and was wondering, does this mean just cut the foliage until only 6" remains?

Marie said...

Yes, cut on an angle. Leave 6 to 8 inches of leaves on the plant. See Doug Green's Garden tips for more expert advice.