Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation – Party Time for Weeds

A quick post before I leave for vacation. I have a feeling the weeds will spread enthusiastically while I’m away.

Bonus plants.

In May, I planted three Super Elfin Lipstick Impatiens in front of Coleus Mariposa. All the other impatiens in the picture are self-sown from last year’s plants. I’ve had impatiens self-sew before but never in such profusion. I should have divided them but never got around to it. This part of the garden gets morning sun and bright shade in the afternoon. Must be an ideal spot for germination.

I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks. I think a little R&R will do us good – and give my sciatica a rest too. I’ll be checking in and reading my favorite blogs while I’m gone.

Let the weeds be damned.


linksdistodaquilo said...

I love gardening!

Marie said...

Thank you Nita. I visited your beautifum country ten years ago. I loved the people and the beautiful country.

donna said...

So very glad to hear from you and extremely sorry about the sciatica issue. My husband has been in bed since Friday with what we think is the same thing. Can't stand for more than a minute...scary stuff. He's getting a MRI this afternoon, tried everything else. Also, my dad died on July 2. We all miss him terribly...he was a good daddy.

There's nothing better than the plants that self-sow...little volunteers. My impatiens have NEVER self-sowed, self-sown ??? like the ones in your photo. That looks gorgeous. Spring of 2010 I planted 3 little violas and this year there's a bed of them that I adore.

Take care on your vacation and let that sciatica nerve get a long-deserved rest. Those weeds will just have to get along without you.

Thanks for checking in, friend.


Marie said...

So sorry to hear about your father. I know you have many great memories.

I never had impatiens self sow in such profusion. I don't know if it is the variety, location, weather or a combination.

I'm feeling a little better but I still can't bend to weed level. I hope your husband feels better very soon. This is not fun.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

I hope you have a lovely vacation, and come back ready to do war on weeds! Love the Impatiens in front of Coleus--just gorgeous. Hope the back issues are better. That is no fun when you garden.

Thank you for checking in with me, and your sweet comments. I hope I will feel good enough to keep up with all my bloggy friends.

Marie said...

Great to hear from you Jenny. Hope you are well soon. It looks like there may be some rain headed your way. I hope so.