Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Philly Flower Show Photos

From the tiny scuba tanks to the little hanging baskets, Miniature Setting winner Irene Sobotincic’s “Taking the Plunge” scuba shop captured a still life of homegrown Hawaiian commerce.
Anthurium and red lights mimicked a lava flow in the popular display “Pele” by Schafer Designs.
A few of the thousands of orchids in the displays.
Temple University Ambler School of Environmental Design is always an environmental treasure trove. This year a rain garden accompanied by a handout with a diagram and plant list was another testament to Temple’s attention to detail.
A model of Philadelphia City Hall and surrounding gardens was presented by Philadelphia Water Department’s “Green City, Clean Water” “Islands of Green in an Urban Sea.”
As always, there was lots to see at this flower show!

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