Thursday, March 15, 2012

Perfect Weather for Spring Cleanup

Thank you Mother Nature.

The beautifully warm days recently have given a jump start to spring garden cleanup. I am feeling very organized this year. Last fall I did a better than average fall garden cleanup so there’s not as much to do this spring. Add a week of heavenly spring weather and I’ll be ready for mulch next week.

Another help to move the cleanup along is the tool I bought at the Philadelphia Flower show. It’s
called a Leaf Lifter from Better Garden Tools.

It's saving my old back.


Robin said...

The weather has definitely been wonderful! I really like your Leaf Lifter.

Happy Spring Clean-Up!

Marie said...

It's been glorious to be in the garden again. I paid $19.95 at the flower show for the leaf lifter. It seems to work well.