Monday, September 11, 2006

Garden figures. It's fun to have little surprises in the garden - in my re-seeding garden, plants appear in spring in a different color from last year or in a different place. I love the cleome. My favorite is bright pink. They come in colors from purple through pink through white. I tried for several years to eliminate all but the pink & white. But the next year they would be all colors again. Now I just let them be and pull out the volunteers in the middle of the tomato plants.

The garden figures add more little surprises & whimsy here and there. The kids love them & we make up stories about them sometimes. I usually change them or move them around from year to year to keep it interesting.

The Japanese Lantern in the oriental garden is complemented by Golden Japanese Forest Grass and the Buddha hides in the Gold Thread Cypress. The Celtic Cross is cloaked in the Lady Slippers.

One of the kids favorites is the small leprechaun between the lavender & the sweet shrub in the scented garden. He seems ready to pounce on unsuspecting path walkers.