Sunday, October 15, 2006

Free Canna Rhizomes. This weekend I pulled all the cannas. They were great this summer (and complimented the yellow coneflower). I got the originals from a friend of my daughter last year. I was surprised at the size - more like large yams! Last year I planted them and ended the summer with quite a pile.

I kept them in a plastic container with peat moss in the garage all last winter. If I saw condensation on the top of the container I opened the cover for a while. I replanted them along the garage in May and they were gorgeous all summer.

When I dug them up this year the rhizomes had MULTIPLIED A LOT. I now have triple the amount that I need. As the picture shows the amount of rhizomes will never fit in the container. If anyone wants some free canna rhizomes, let me know!

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