Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Winter Blooms and Buds

The Japonica (I don’t have a genus/species on this one) and Heather (Heathe Erica x Darleyensis ‘Silberschmeize’) have buds ready for winter bloom. These evergreen and almost care-free woody ornamentals are a nice green spot in the brown winter landscape. Both plants are well-established - planted about 9 years ago. I feed with Holly-Tone in spring and occasionally prune a branch. I deep water during dry spells with a soaker hose.

The rhododendrons have large buds ready for spring bloom. Our large (mostly ignored) rhody seems confused. A few buds have opened with the warm fall weather. Every year I vow to pay more attention to this old (at least 40 years - 10 ft. tall) bush. It seems a bit stressed. I'll have to make it a point next growing season to take better care of it.

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