Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sweet Pea

I’ve tried for the last two or three years to grow sweet peas. Last year I got a few beautiful blooms from Ferry & Morse seeds Sweet Pea Early Mixed Colors. (See December 29, 2006 post.) I guessed that there were so few blooms because they didn’t get enough sun.
So this year I planted Burpee Sweat Dreams and Streamers Mix in the rose bed in full sun. I’m not sure it was good for the roses but I finally got more sweet pea blooms. Planted May 2, they are coming into full bloom now.

Burpee description of Sweet Dreams says, “Old-fashioned fragrance”. The fragrance is really not noticeable but the flower is large and bright.

The Streamers Mix is a really spectacular color although I have only seen lilac-colored striated flowers. According to Burpee, “The pure white flowers are infused with intense tones of purple, rose, pink, blue and orange.” Streamers is also supposed to be fragrant but I really can’t notice any aroma.

There are lots of buds. I hope to see many more flowers before frost.

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