Wednesday, July 30, 2008


(Picture above: Lyre of Wax Begonias at Blumenplatz)

Musikfest starts Friday and activity is poppin’ at the Downtown Bethlehem sites. The second week of set up is hectic, to say the least. There is activity everywhere as this amazing event comes together.

Finishing touches on the summer-long job of planting and maintaining Blumenplatz (behind Bethlehem Public Library) started last night. The final trimming, deadheading, mulching, watering, got underway. The next step adds lights to the display for an attractive nighttime show next to Americaplatz.

Americaplatz setup is moving along as vendors begin to stock the booths.

The recycling bins are stacked near Plaza Tropical and ready for distribution around the fest.

The Plaza Tropical tent is up and tables and chairs are being set up as are all the other tents.

Blumenplatz Committee workers finish the mum-filled MUSIKFEST sign near Spring Street.

It’s a hive of activity. Everything will be ready on Friday at 5 PM for the 25th year. Volunteers, workers and vendors are laboring their hearts out. I can’t wait for the music to begin.


Cindy said...

I remember being a kid and going to the first Musikfests. It was always so much fun. I don't live in the Lehigh Valley anymore but how nice to see the photos!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

It looks like it will be lots of fun.Hope you have a great weekend.

Marie said...


Thanks for the comments. Even though Musikfest has changed and expanded over the years, I still enjoy listening to all the different kinds of music.

For me it is a very busy 3 weeks - set up, maintenance every day, take down. But I feel very fortunate to have such a large music festival about a mile from my house.

Love your blog about the butterfly bush. They are really tough plants, aren't they. I could picture you booted climbing the "mountain".

Marie said...

Morning Glories -

Texas heat! Oh my. Good hearing from you. Love the Main Coon Cat!

Fest will be great as always. Can't wait for it to start. Thanks.