Saturday, September 13, 2008


There is an interesting blog discussion going on this week at May Dreams Garden, Garden Rant and Doug Green’s blog (see links in sidebar My Favorite Blogs).
Is it valid for HGTV to include the “G” in the title when gardening shows have all but disappeared from the lineup?

Doug asked what blog readers would like to see in gardening programming.

Here’s my list:

Green gardening with practical garden advice
Gardener’s mistakes and how to avoid them
Regional gardening – the why as well as the methods
Real gardens as well as research and trial gardens
Integrated Pest Management
Soil management and compost
Gardening practices from around the world

The list is almost endless.

Isn’t that why we read blogs? HGTV would be wise to read a few blogs.

Join in the discussion and comment on Doug’s blog. What would you like to see in garden programming?



Anonymous said...

Hi Marie

My neighbour has a plant just like you have in the picture - the variegated leaf plant. We are both stumped as to the name of the plant. Do you know its name?


Marie said...


The plant is called Snow on the Mountain - Euphorbia marginata. It is a re-seeding annual. It comes up in my garden every year (somewhere).

Please see August 29, 2007 post.

I love this plant. It is showy against annuals and perennials.

Thanks for your interest.