Saturday, April 18, 2009


Can you guess what I’ve been up to?

I like to spread all the mulch by the end of March. It’s not that March is a better time for the garden. It is a better time for this gardener.

The spring load of mulch arrived just this week. Perennials and bulbs are growing everywhere now. It takes more time to spread mulch carefully so plants are not smothered.

By the middle of April, I always feel rushed. This year I have vegetable area to turn over, edging to re-do, cool weather veggies to plant, soil to mix for pots, seedlings and cuttings to tend, supplies and annuals to buy, rocks and stones to move so we can re-build the bubbler fountain, several more perennials to divide and weeds to pull. Every gardener I know is in high gear right now.

This weekend I’ll be working at local public gardens. Rain is forecast for early next week. April is slipping away too fast.
("Mulching for a Healthy Landscape" from Virginia Cooperative Extension.)

BUT, it’s great to be outside working in the garden again. I’m trying to enjoy the spring garden between chores. If your eyes haven’t glazed over from all the great shots of April flowers linked to Carol's Bloom Day post, here are a few more from my garden.
Hyacinths and Brunnera.

Red tulips by the front steps.

White and purple hyacinths.


PJM rhododendron

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donna said...

These photos all sing SPRING! Just beautiful. Love all the different colors.