Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wave Hill

The 28 acre public garden in the Bronx, New York overlooks the Hudson River. Since I didn’t get any great pictures of the river, you’ll have to trust me that there are many spectacular river views.

Wave Hill was built as a country home in 1843 and donated to the city of New York in 1960.

Color coordinated perennial beds inside a rustic fence surround the conservatory.


Tropical plants like the bromeliad line conservatory benches.

Old Stone walls and pergola covered walkways add charm to the gardens.

The garden pool is home to tropical and hardy water plants.

I didn’t have enough time at Wave Hill. I left many paths unexplored. Many plants, trees, shrubs and complete gardens whizzed buy. The Wild Garden with it's re-seeding annuals in organized chaos deserved closer examination.
It was an interesting (but quick) visit to a bit of nature in a big city.

Wave Hill, New York Public Garden and Cultural Center


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

What a beautiful place to go for inspiration. I can see how you couldn't see it all in a day...what a lovely excuse to go back for another visit soon! Marie, you find the neatest places to explore.

donna said...

Hope you get back to Wave Hill soon. I like the idea of The Wild Garden.

Marie said...

MG and Donna,

I never knew Wave Hill existed in the Bronx. The garden was part of the garden club tour.

It's an interesting ride to get there (to say the least!). We were only at the garden for two hours - definitely not enough time to have a good look. I hope to get back some day.

Chandramouli S said...

Tropical gardens when maintained well are such a treat, aren't they! You're lucky!