Friday, July 03, 2009

Garden Bloggers Death Day

I discovered Garden Bloggers Death Day through Donna at Mamma Mia Days. Hosted by Kate at Gardening Without Skills on the last day of the month, it’s sort of a requiem for lost plants.

Although I am late posting about dear Gardenia’s demise by spider mites, I decided to do it now to help me through its sad passing.

The story begins many years ago when I had a beautiful, three-foot tall gardenia growing in our bedroom. The scent was heavenly. It lived for many years – a gift from my grandmother taken from a cutting of her plant.

I have tried to replace it several times without any luck. Spider mites always win.

On May 1 this year, while picking up some annuals at my favorite local nursery, I passed a bench with several alluring gardenias. I had to have one. I brought it home and proudly set it on a table by the front window.

Imagine my disbelief when the leaves started to turn yellow and drop off. “It can’t be, not again,” I said to myself.

“Maybe I’m not watering enough,” I said to myself. “Maybe it needs to be transplanted to a larger pot.”

The plant continued to get worse. Little webs appeared on some of the leaves.
“If I had only used the systemic houseplant insect control sooner.” “If only I had sprayed it more often.”

I sadly watched it die as I reminisced about the beautiful plant I had once grown. I mooned over it for days.

After weeks of clipping and spraying and general fussing, I finally gave up. Nothing seemed to help the damn plant. I decided to trash it and get on with my life.

Maybe someday I’ll try again.
(“Gardenia: A Gardener's Challenge” by B. Rosie Lerner from Purdue Extension.)


Have a fun-filled and safe Fourth of July everyone!



donna said...

Your post was so funny and sad, all at the same time. What a good writer you are. You did all that you could for the ailing Gardenia (or maybe you didn't). I enjoyed this post a lot and glad you joined in GBDD.

Marie said...

Thanks Donna,

Except for the subject matter, this post was fun to write - very cathartic. Thanks for the lead to Kate's "Gardening Without Skills" too,