Saturday, April 24, 2010

When the Azaleas Bloom

When the azaleas bloom it’s like magic. Red, white, pink, purple and yellow shrubs all bloom at once - the crescendo of spring.

They are the most care free shrub in my garden. A little compost and mulch and Holly Tone most (some) years is all it takes – no trimming, no pruning and evergreen too!

(For an opposing view see the article by Adrian Higgins regarding Jane MacLeish’s thoughts on azaleas in the Washington Post - info courtesy of Garden Rant.)


Kathy said...

Beautiful, lovely colors!!

Marie said...

Thanks, Kathy. The azaleas are putting on a spectacular show right now. I rhink of it as spring in party clothes. LOL

donna said...

I really like how all your azaleas are growing freestyle -- they look extremely happy and beautiful. Hard for me to even imagine having all that color at one time in our yard. Now, off to find out about that opposing view by Adrian Higgins.


Marie said...

It's a spectacular show at this time of year. It's hard for me to believe that someone would find it offensive. But different opinions and ideas keep gardening discussions interesting.

maría cecilia said...

ooohh!!! I love your hydrangeas!!!!

maría cecilia said...

uuppsss, I meant your azaleas!!!!!

Marie said...

Thank you Maria Cecilia. The azaleas have faded now until their beautiful performance next spring. They are covered with new green growth.