Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Every year I use cannas to help fill the vertical space along the garage wall. (It will take time for the pencil holly (Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil') that I planted last October to grow tall enough to help fill the space. )

I try to get the rhizomes planted at the beginning of May. They take a few weeks to come up. I’m late but I finally got them planted this week.

After being stored in peat moss since last October and kept in a cool garage to keep them from freezing, the rhizomes were in good condition. I cut some of the larger ones in half making sure there were at least 2 eyes on each piece. I cut off a few dried parts. I dug holes between the existing plants and plopped them in – eyes up - and that was it.

It’s a lot easier putting them in than taking them out. They are tropical plant and have to be dug out if I want to have rhizomes to plant next year. (See November 10, 2007 post. )

I hope they look as good this year as they did in September 2006.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

I hope so too--that is a gorgeous shot from two years ago. Cannas are so colorful and striking.

Marie said...

Thanks MG,
They really DO fill up that space. LOL

donna said...

Wow! That Sept photo is amazing. I lov that look against the garage. Now I know where to go for info when I get around to planting cannas.

Have a wonderful week, friend.


Marie said...

Hi Donna,
I also use canna (the smaller rhizomes) in pots on the deck. I had a bumper crop of canna in 2007! The perennials have filled in along the garage so I won't have as many this year (a space problem as in the rest of my garden).