Saturday, June 26, 2010


(Zinnia pot from 2008)

Every year I plant a happy pot of zinnias on our sunny patio.

On May 23, I planted ‘Giant Flowered Mix’ and ‘California Giant’ seeds. I poked shallow holes in the soil, placed a seed in each one, covered with a little soil and watered. Later in the summer they may get a little mildew or attract Japanese beetles. I fertilize with the other annuals and deadhead as the flowers fade. I’ll have color all summer.

I’ve been watering twice a day since the weather has turned hot. In this 90 degree heat, they tend to dry out but recover quickly.

Here’s how they looked at 11:20 am.

They made a complete recovery by 11:50 am.

After a month, they are ready to bloom - another year with a happy pot of zinnias.

The zinnia story from the University of Illinois Extension.

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