Wednesday, November 03, 2010

October Daphne Stonecrop

Hardly noticeable along the path, this October Daphne Stonecrop (Sedum sieboldii) survives but doesn’t thrive. I walk by all the time without giving it a second glance.

It has been in the same spot for 8 years – full sun, a good place for sedum, right? But It has never been a robust grower.

Of the original 3 Daphnes planted in 2002, one is completely gone. The pictures here are the best looking plant of the two that remain. The Autumn Joy Sedum and Golden Teardrop (Sedum lineare) grow well in this area

The pictures at Perennial Resource dot com show what it should look like.

If you have any suggestions (or want to commiserate), please leave a comment. It’s a pretty little plant and I’d like to make it happy.

If it survives the winter, I’ll try to pay more attention next year.


donna said...

It's a pretty little thing. Maybe just keep moving it around until it finds a home it likes.


PS: I make a lot of promises to my plants, too. ha-ha

Marie said...


If I remember my promise this time, I may try this sedum in another spot. Thanks. - I think there's a 50-50 chance that I will do something. Well - maybe not that much.