Saturday, January 15, 2011

I’ve been shoveling but it’s not dirt

It’s winter. Snow shoveling comes with the territory in zone 6, I guess.  So far we’ve been lucky with no major snowfalls just a bunch of minor ones. It’s not as much fun as planting a new perennial or starting a new garden bed.
But, I’m told the snow is good for the garden. It conserves moisture in the soil. It insulates and protects perennials. It keeps the soil temperature more even and prevents heaving from alternate feeze/thaw cycles. And, it paints a pretty winter garden picture.

I wish it would only snow on the garden and not on the sidewalks and streets.


donna said...

I know the snow protects the perennials, but I like your idea of having it snow just on the garden. I have enough snow photos to last me a lifetime. Are you getting hit with this latest storm? Uggghhh!


Marie said...

We have a "Winter Storm Warning" in effect until tomorrow at 6 pm. We're having snow, sleet, rain. The worst icy conditions! I'm officially in hibernation.