Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Urban Gardens

“Community Gardens in an Urban Setting” was the topic at the Master Gardeners Spring Garden Series last Saturday . Community Gardens provide an opportunity to grow vegetables in the city. A lot of dedicated people work to organize and provide supplies to the gardens.

I know the benefits of raising fresh vegetables in taste, nutrition and cost saving.

But, I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming testament of a simple peripheral benefit. Pride and satisfaction comes from working with other members of the community – learning from one another, laughing, complaining, sharing stories and garden tips, tools and bug spray.


Many stories are heartwarming - A neighborhood kid who knocked on doors to report an trespasser walking on the gardens – A grandmother with her own garden who plants a community garden plot for the interaction with other gardeners and donates the produce to local food banks and soup kitchens.

The rewards of Urban Community Gardens are greater the weight of the produce.

Find local gardens and contacts by zip code at American Community Garden Association Local Harvest or call your local county extension office.


Anonymous said...

.Marie: I always very much enjoy
your blog-----the pictures and
the info. I especially enjoy
these pictures!!!!

Marie said...

Thank you Vi,
Working with you and the other gardeners in this garden has been the most fun. I'm glad you recognized the pictures. It's a beautiful garden.