Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Tulips

Do you plant the potted bulbs you get for Easter?

All the tulips in the photo above were Easter gifts.

This year I received a lovely pot of purple tulips. When they began to fade, I cut off what remained of the blooms.
Dug a hole behind the existing Easter tulips.
Cut and teased the roots.

Put the entire pot full in the hole and refilled it with the soil and watered in.

They may not bloom next year but I hope they will do as well as the other Easter tulips in a few years.


donna said...

Hi Marie....I'm still alive. Seems to be getting more and more difficult to make time for blogging.

I plant my Easter lilies, but after seeing your Easter tulips, I'd be tempted to plant my Easter tulips, if anyone gave me any. Guess I could buy some for myself.

Do the squirrels bother your tulips bulbs?


Marie said...

Hi Donna,
The squirrels don't seem to bother my tulips. I read that squirrels can smell the papery coating on the bulb so I'm carefuly not to let any get on the soil. Sometimes I sprinkle cayenne pepper around newly planted bulbs.

donna said...

Marie, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about feeding the bulbs. In the spring, you say. After they are done bloonming? Just sprinkle the bonemeal on top the ground? I sound like I've never been in a garden before, but I don't seem to have a knack for bulbs.

The Hemlock tree is one of my favorites. They are plentiful a little north of here. You're lucky to have some in your yard.


Marie said...


Yes, I sprinkle bone meal on the soil around the bulbs. Sometimes I scratch it in a little with a hand hoe.