Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bad-Tempered Gardener

The Bad-Tempered Gardener by Anne Wareham and Charles Hawes

The intriguing title caught my eye in Amy Stewart‘s post on Garden Rant.

Sometimes I feel like that. How about you?

Here’s a taste of Anne Warham’s writing (and a hint to why we love gardening) in ”Why I Hate Gardening” Article in UK’s The Telegraph

This sample is enough to make me want to read the book.
I will be away for a couple weeks again. I’ll be checking on this blog and the other garden blogs from time to time. I hope you are all reaping from a bountiful garden.

Everything ends with flowers.
- Helene Cixous

(Fragrant Phlox ‘David’)


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Oh goodie! Another gardening book. Do a review on it after you finish it please!

Marie said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm not sure when I'll buy the book. My pile of books-to-read is quite high. The title caught my eye especially as I'm cursing rabbits, groundhogs, deer and weeds. I'm currently reading "Founding Gardeners" by Andrea Wulf - a fascinating look at Washington, Jefferson, Adams et al contribution to American gardening.
Be well.

Anne Wareham said...

For lots of reviews of this book see

Marie said...

OMG - a comment from the author. The reviews are great.
This book will definitely move to the top of my books-to-read pile. Thank you!

donna said...

My Phlox 'David' are blooming, too. I've noticed that the butterflies don't like the white as much as the 3 different shades of pink Phlox in my garden. It's my personal favorite though.

Oh, I luved Anne Wareham's thoughts on why she hates gardening. People sometimes ask me why I bother gardening when all I seem to do is complain about it. They don't understand that it only takes a success here and there, one special bloom to make it all worthwhile.

Her mention of not staking often except for vampires makes me think of something Phillip was singing around here last week....something about a wooden stake and a garlic shake...had to do with vampires.

Happy week to you, Marie.


Marie said...

Thanks Donna,

'David' is one of my favorites too. I love the light scent. I have a volunteer blooming across the path from the original. I never knew they would self sow - a little bonus.

I must stop complaining that my garden is such a mess. (Humble bragging? ala Sienfeld) It must be tiresome to listen to. I think I like a messy garden.

"Wooden stake and a garlic shake" - too funny!