Saturday, November 05, 2011

Halloween Storm

Last Saturday, Mother Nature dumped 6 to 12 inches of heavy, wet snow on the Northeast US. Trees fell everywhere under the weight. Approximately 375,000 homes and businesses lost power. Almost 1,500 were still without power as of Friday morning.
Entire trees toppled pulling up sidewalks.

Some branches remain dangerously hung up.

Piles of trees and brush are everywhere.
Chain saws hum in the neighborhood. It seems everyone is working on cleanup.


The Morning Call Master Gardener Blog has some excellent advice in “Snow Storm Damage to Trees”.
This timely blog deals with if and when to hire an arborist. How to make cuts where branches are broken. It contains links to help assess the damage as well as advice when replacing trees. Good information even if you don't have fallen trees everywhere.


donna said...

Hi Marie. We had our first snowstorm of the the season last Wednesday but it wasn't as destructive as yours was. We have a lot of trees so we always worry about those heavy wet snows.

Nice to be visiting you again.

Happy weekend to you. donna

Marie said...

Hi Donna,
I am definitely not ready for winter! We spent three days without heat or power. Our wonderful neighbors hooked up a generator to our freezer and refrigerator periodically and made sure we were OK. We dharged our cell phones in a neighbor's garage who had power. We live in a wonderful neighborhood!