Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Delicate Combination

Pastel pink and baby blue - I would have never planned this combination thinking it too bland. I think it works here because neither bloom is overpowering. The quantity of forget-me-nots seems to balance the larger mum flower.

The self-sowing Forget-Me-Not seeds followed gravity down the mulch slope over the winter and geminated in the Clara Curtis Mums.  It’s what I love about the self-sowers.  Every year I see surprising combination without any effort at all.

Mum ‘Clara Curtis’, Dendranthema zawadskii, planted in 2004 from Wayside, blooms all summer. I cut it back just a little in late fall.  In spring it has always started to bloom early and continues to bloom until frost. 


Annual Forget-Me-not ‘Blue Bird’ Myosotis dissitiflora,  planted directly in the garden in 2006 with Ferry & Morse seeds. 

Mum ‘Clara Curtis’ info from Suite 101 here.

Forget-Me-Not info from Backyard Gardener here.

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A1 Chandigarh said...

I grew some golden chard this year, which is looking great, and is the one thing to have evaded the marauding armies of slugs...but I picked some for the first time a couple of days ago and it tasted VERY bitter - even with copious amounts of olive oil, butter and salt it had an unpleasant tang. I've had chard plenty of times before and not had this problem - could the bitterness have been made worse by the weather conditions this year Delhi Flowers