Sunday, September 09, 2012

Coleus and Amaryllis

It’s time for me to think about fall cleanup.  I work so slowly these days that if I start now I may finish in time to spread mulch in late winter. 


The coleus filled some spots in the garden this year as usual.  I like to take cuttings to root for next year in late August.  I definitely get cuttings and bring in any plants that spent the summer outside as the nights get cool and before the heat is turned on in the house. 


Last week I brought the amaryllis in from their summer home on the deck.  I’ll stop watering and trim off the dead and dying leaves.  The bulbs will rest until Thanksgiving when I will add a little potting soil and begin to water.  And, hope for a spectacular February bloom.


I’ll work outside today and pull some annuals that are past their prime.  So it goes – as another summer winds down.


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Jean @ Cheapsheds said...

Wow! I love the shade of their bloom. It is really lovely. Thank you so much for the share.

James said...

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sensible Gardening said...

I have never bothered to bring in coleus cuttings but you've encouraged me to do so. Thanks.