Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here’s a plant I get excited about every year.

The tall garden Phlox paniculata started blooming about a week ago. They bloom all summer. I cut the spent flowers of from time to time and they happily send out more shoots with flowers.

Phlox ‘David’ – Perennial Plant Association’s 2002 Perennial Plant of the Year. ‘David’ is my very favorite. Planted in the scented garden, ‘David’ releases a pleasant fragrance. Sitting on the garden bench with sweet ‘David’ nearby is heavenly.

'David’ is mildew resistant but not mildew proof. All the phlox in my garden are mildew resistant but the lower leaves usually show a little mildew later in the summer. I should dig and separate the plants to assure better air flow. But, I probably won’t. They are so pretty in a clump. After a week, I don’t notice the mildew – sort of like the dust on the coffee table.

Phlox ‘Katherine’ planted in 2004 in my “Mother’s Garden” section may be a little more mildew resistant than ‘David’. I don’t think the perfume is quite as strong. I had a little trouble getting this one established. I bought 3 from Bluestone Perennials lost 2 and bought 3 more. Now that they are established, they are growing well. I don’t think I paid enough attention at the beginning and didn’t keep them watered.

I don’t know the variety of the deep pink phlox. This sturdy plant was a gift from my friend Myra’s garden. It was a great addition to my garden and probably the most mildew resistant of all my phlox. It does very well in the hot summer sun.

Phlox takes almost no care once established. It reminds me of the energizer rabbit - it keeps blooming and blooming.


Matriarchy said...

Beautiful! I really like "David". I have that on "to get" list - I will have to move it up higher on the list. My yard is a little boring right now, flower-wise. Only the beans and peppers are exciting.

Anonymous said...

Your Phlox 'Katherine looks pretty with the lavender panicles. I've been thinking of planting some, so it's good to read that it's mildew resistant. I'm currently growing the reliable 'David', which is brightening the garden right now.