Friday, July 11, 2008


As a child, I picked snapdragon flowers and gently squeezed the sides to open and close the “mouth”. Several years ago I bought some snapdragon plants for my garden.

This year I have a bumper crop. I left the seed heads on the dried stalk over the winter. I cut back any dead stalks in spring. A few plants survived the winter and seedlings were everywhere in May. I moved a quite a few. I even potted a bunch for friends.


And wow! Talk about prolific. These beauties take up a large space in my cottage garden. I think it was a good investment years ago. Almost as good as a perennial.

Do you have any favorites that re-seed and grow year after year?


Matriarchy said...

I hadn't ever grown snapdragons, although I admire in other yards. But this year, in my green onion patch, a seedling popped up. I didn't recognize it, but I thought to myself, "That looks like something that isn't a weed." I let it grow, and it has turned out to be a tall dark red snapdragon. No idea where it came from - could be bird-planted, or accidentally mixed with the onion seeds. I am going to save seeds from it for next year.

MeMeMe said...

Hello friend, have you ever grown them from seed? I plan to do this next season...

Your snapdragons are beautiful.

Marie said...

I'm home for the evening to see "Cyrano" at the PA Shakespeare Festival at DeSales U. An absolutely riviting performance by Greg Wood. I tried not to sniffle on everyone on my way out.

I love when a "volunteer" appears in the garden. I've had mums and a few others magically appear in my garden. This year the asparagus was an amazing discovery. I'll try to nurture it into a meal someday.

I haven't started plants from seeds for many years. Last year a neighbor gave me some plant lights. I'm going to start some seeds this spring. I haven't decided what I'll plant yet.

I'll be back next week and try to catch up with blogs and the garden.