Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - September 2009

I almost forgot about Bloom Day. What happened to the first 14 days of September? I ran out this morning and snapped a few pictures of the blooms in my garden.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts this colorful day on the 15th of each month. See the links to what’s blooming in other gardens here. Thank you Carol!

Sedum Autumn Joy. A common fall plant but a reliable performer in the hot sunny, spot with a ground cover sedum.

One of my favorites, Japanese anemone. I also have a pink one but the rabbits chopped off the bloom stalks before they got a chance to bloom.
The mum Clara Curtis has a long bloom time. It started blooming in August and will go until frost. Here with the ever present coleus.
I don’t grow tansy for the blooms. The fernlike foliage and medicinal aroma make it a keeper in my garden.

Phlox David is looking a little raggedy but still producing blooms (when I remember to deadhead).

The annuals cleome, nasturtium and zinnia add color to the garden.

Fall is a wonderful time in the garden. Now if I could only get September to slow down a bit.


Rose said...

Your sedum is beautiful! Mine is not nearly this full; do you cut yours back in early summer? If so, yours is a good argument for cutting back to provide a fuller plant. I think we share a lot of the same flowers--the zinnias and nasturtiums are providing some color impact while everything else in the garden seems to be winding down.

donna said...

I planted Phlox David a few weeks ago. Hope it looks like yours some day. I don't know tansy, but think I should get to know her. Nice foliage. And everyone seems to have Japanese anemone except me. I like the white a lot. Your mum paired with the coleus is gorgeous.

Marie said...

Hi Rose,

I planted the Autumn Joy in 2003. I don't cut it back in summer. Most years I leave the seed heads for the birds over the winter.

Marie said...

I love the phlox David. It gets better each year. I usually cram plant in so they don't have room to grow. I think I gave this one enough space.

The tansy is an herb. It can be toxic but I don't use it. I just admire it's form and sometimes grab a few leaves to smell as I walk by.

John said...

Your white anemone is lovely. I'm going to plant white ones to go with our pink next year. Isn't it amazing how Bloom Day creeps up faster each month? Thanks for posting.

Dreamybee said...

What pretty colors all around your garden! I love the Japanese anemones too-so delicate and yet such a striking presence. I have been trying to get some nasturtiums started from seed for a couple months now, but they don't seem to want to cooperate. Glad to see yours are doing better!

Marie said...

Hi Dreamybee,
The Japanese anemones are one of the plants I anxiously wait for all summer. If I ever see the bunny that chopped off the pink one, I'm going to give him a good talking to.

I love to look at your blog and dream of your beautiful islands. Living there with a basset hound seems close to heaven to me.

Hilery - Desert Greenhouse Guide said...

Cleome is one of those flowers that I have yet to see in person, but I am always so captivated by the blooms. They look like they have whiskers!

Marie said...

Hi Hilery,
Nice to meet you. Cleome is easy to grow from seed. The plants produce many, many seeds and you will never have to buy them again. Greenhouse gardening is sometihg I haven't thought of doing. It sounds like a fascinating adventure.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

You've got a lot going on in your garden. I love the combination of Coleus with The mum Clara Curtis.

Ooo-your Tansy looks very interesting. I love the fern like quality...That is one herb I don't have, and now that I've seen it, must have!

Marie said...

I like the yellow coleus with pink 'Clara Curtis' too - another lucky combination. I hope I remember it for next year.

The tansy is evergreen and spreads slowly so it's easy to control. It's planted next to a path so I can grab a frond an snif on my way through the garden.

Sylvana said...

I love the tansy flowers. I have considered growing it my own garden but have heard that it is aggressive here.

maria cecilia said...

Hello Marie, your garden looks so lovely in fall, I love that white anemone japonica. Here in Chile we are right into springtime now. I too have lots of rabbits, I have cried so many times because they have eaten my garden and took away my sweet littles.
maría cecilia

Marie said...

Maria Cecilia,
Ah, springtime. My favorite season. I sprinkle cayenne pepper on some plants to keep rabbits away. But it needs to be repeated often. I missed the pink anemone for a few days and it was chopped off by the rascally rabbit.