Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cuttings. I've started to take cuttings of the impatiens. It's time to start the cuttings from the coleus. I put the cuttings in water until they show some roots. They are then potted in small plastic pots in potting soil, a little peat moss and a little vermiculite. Last year I had a bit of trouble with spider mites so I plan to spray (2 tbs. baking soda & a little dish soap in a gallon of water) everything as I bring them in this year.

I love the coleus. They are bright spots wherever you put them - easy to grow - simple to take care of. (My gardening friend Myra turned me on to these delightful plants and shared a lot of varieties.)

Last year, after the spider mites were under control, I had 8 flats of cuttings to plant in the spring. It kept me very busy planting in May but was well worth the effort. I've included a few pictures - you judge.

I will probably bring in the amaryllis and other house plants this weekend (after spraying). They all seem to do better when not left outside too long as the nights turn cool.

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