Wednesday, August 30, 2006

End of August. I can't believe we're almost to Labor Day! Summer goes much too fast.

I've spent the last few days deadheading, weeding & trimming. I opened the path in my scented garden. (It was much more grown over than the picture shows.) It was overgrown with Sweet Allysum (which smells heavenly in the sunshine and re-seeds every year) and Lavender Grosso (another great scent). My Sweet Autumn Clematis is full of buds. I planted it last year so this is the first bloom for me. Ah - anticipation! I trimmed the nicotiana which is almost done for the year but re-seeds and will be back next year with a vengence. The pholx, David, looks a little battered after the rain but was great all summer.

I continue to plant cuttings of coleus and impatiens for next year. I'm keeping a log of how many I plant and how many make it to spring. Maybe this will help me figure out how to "work smarter". :-)


Doug Green said...

Congrats on your blog!

And yes, we all have to work "smarter" in our garden. The first thing to understand though is that it isn't "work" (big belly laugh here).

Too bad we weren't close enough to share plants but good luck in your garden.


Marie said...

OH MY GOD! Doug left a comment on my blog. Thank you sooo much.

Marie said...

If you don't know Doug, visit him here
and here