Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Coleus Cuttings

Out for good! After carrying cuttings in and out for several days to harden off – out in the morning, in at night - I’ve decided to put them out for good. There are 50 plants pictured above that will stay out. I’ll put them under a table in a sheltered place on the deck. Evening temperatures are supposed to stay in the 50’s so I think I’m safe.

I completely forgot the other 11 on the windowsill. They will go out today and into the garage overnight (maybe).

I also have 18 fuchsia and wax begonia cuttings that may have to go in and out for a few days. Enough of walking plants around! But it was a good crop this winter. I can’t wait to see the vibrant colors in the garden and in pots.

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